Sunday, April 5

Welcome to GermanDaggers.Info

  • Welcome to GermanDaggers.Info where you will find detailed info on all kinds of german daggers, bayonets, sword, medals, battles, personalities etc.
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  • A Daggers in Wear section has been added with more pictures being added later this year.
    A totally revamped Photo Album has been added, ready for your comments…
  • A Miscellaneous section has been added where you can find info on Museums, Shows etc…
  • A currency convertor has been added to this site.
  • A new mirror site has been acquired:
  • New mirror site:
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  • New For Sale with more items coming.
  • Remi Schrijnen, the only Flemish Ritterkreuztr├Ąger died on the 27th of july 2006.
    We posted some new items in the For Sale section. Take a look at german dagger parts for sale.