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The 2 Ways a Person Could be Charged with Indecency with a Child Case

Did you know that 1 in 9 girls under 18 years old experience sexual abuse in the hands of adults? Recent data from Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) also shows that 1 in 53 boys below 18 years old also experiences sexual assault. Another RAINN data points out that there are child sexual abuse claims or evidence every 9 minutes. These numbers are alarming. And these are proof that indecency with a child is a widespread crime.

indecency with a child

As fragile as they are, minors need to be protected effectively from malicious adults. They deserve care and protection. Doing this ensures they can enjoy their youth without fear of getting involved in sexual assaults.

Who can claim for charges and what’s the sentence?

Anyone below 18 years old can file for a claim. Or if the victim finds themselves afraid to fail for a claim, their legal guardians or parents could file a case on their behalf. Based on Section 21.00 of the Texas Penal Code, anyone found guilty of indecency with a child needs to render 2 to 10 years in prison, pay a fine of $10,000, or both. Based on statistics, 80% of perpetrators were actually a parent, 6% were relatives, 5% were strangers or siblings, and 4% were the unmarried partners of parents.

Based on the Texas Penal Code, indecency against kids could happen under two circumstances: a) exposure and 2) sexual contact.

  1. By Contact

In Texan law, “sexual contact” happens when a person touches the victim, for the purpose of gratifying or arousing sexual desire. The touching usually involves the genitals of the child, breast, anus, or clothing.

Child porn is one of the circumstances where sexual contact is committed. And when handling this case, a child pornography attorney usually infers the gravity or truthfulness of the claim based on the remarks and conduct of the accused.

Signs of trauma, STIs, inappropriate sexual behavior, bedwetting, and fear of being alone are the usual signs of kids who’ve been sexually harassed. If you start to notice these signs in your friends, relatives, and loved ones, don’t hesitate to avail of the services of a sexual assault attorney Houston law firms provide. Check Paul Schiffer Law for more details.

  1. By Exposure

Aside from sexual harassment by contact, indecency with a child could also be done through exposure. This happens with the perpetrator intentionally exposes sexual body parts to kids with the intention of arousing the kids’ sexual desires. Or the perpetrator could also expose his/her sexual body parts to arouse children or satisfy his/her own desires.

The mental state and conduct of the person play a huge role in the filing of these cases. Specifically, the law states that now offense is made if the contact or exposure does not lead to sexual contact or gratification. But the process of discovering the motivation or conduct of the perpetrator could be challenging. Hence, the need to seek guidance from a Houston child sexual assault attorney.

Sexual offense against children is grave misconduct, considering this could lead to serious trauma and drug abuse in the future. If you have loved ones, friends, relatives, or acquaintances with kids showing signs of abuse, calling experts from the Law Office of Paul Schiffer is the best way to go.