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What keeps emotionally unhealthy individuals from seeking psychological help

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As you will see on the website, psychologists can do plenty to promote emotional health and help those who need guidance to get back on track.

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Unfortunately, even with easy accessibility, a lot of affected individuals don’t seek professional help and would rather keep their struggles inside.

If they choose to hide their problems from family, the possibility of them speaking to a stranger is low. Some, however, prefer to share their experiences with someone who doesn’t know them than people they love or are close to them.

So why would individuals who struggle emotionally don’t seek help? What will make them visit the website and use the Contact form to reach a psychologist or hire counselling or coaching services?

Barriers that keep people from seeking psychological or emotional health services

  • Self-denial

Failure to deal with your emotions and feelings is part of life. But if it happens frequently and you can’t seem to get out of the rut, then you have more problems than you’d like to admit.

You might think you’re not sick and just having a tough time. Sure, it’s not a cause for worry if you’re experiencing a temporary and normal response to life circumstances, stress or trauma. But if you lack the mental health literacy to differentiate a normal response from symptoms of a more serious emotional or mental illness, it is best not to self-diagnose and seek professional help.

  • Feeling of shame or disgrace

The stigma around mental illness is one of the major barriers to seeking psychological help. No one wants other people to think they’re weak because they’re asking for help. They feel embarrassed to even think to see a counsellor.

But asking for help is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it shows that you’re strong to admit that there is a problem and you need help and support. Doing so is also a reflection of your commitment to your family, friends and other people who depend on you.

  • Anticipating the downsides of seeking professional help

Just like the feeling of shame and disgrace, a lot of patients suffering from emotional problems also fear that their career and security clearance will be threatened when they seek help from a psychologist or counsellor.

If you look at it from a different perspective, however, not asking for help will eventually affect your career and your relationships. That depression you are experiencing will have a negative impact on the quality of your life.

There is no rule that says seeking emotional health care will disqualify you from employment. If something like this happens to someone else, there are likely other factors involved that truly impact their job security.

  • Lack of providers nearby

One of the barriers to seeking psychological help is the lack of professionals that provide the services people need.

If you live in Sydney, however, you’re sure to find providers of counselling, psychologist and coaching services in the CBD area who can help you achieve emotional fitness. Find a one-stop-shop resource so that all of your most pressing issues will be taken care of.

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