The 1936 SS Officers dagger exist in two types, the early and the late one! The early type was made in the period 1936-37 and the late one from 1938 'till end of production. The dagger itself is the same like 1933 type except for the non marked blade (usually) on the reverse side. The obverse side still has the SS motto on it “Meine Ehre Heisst Treue”! The scabbard is completely different against the one on a 1933 model. This scabbard has a chain hanger made of two upper links and four lower links! The two chains coming together on a clip in the design of a cloverleaf. The links of the chain have each or the SS rune or the skull and crossbones. The upper link against the scabbard begins always with the SS sigrunnen, the lower link against the scabbard begins always with the skull and crossbones! The chain is hold to the scabbard by the upper scabbard fitting and a special center fitting with intertwined swastika’s. The early model was made in 1936. The dagger is 37 cm or 14,6”! It is possible that the dagger has a portepee, this was only for commissioned officers (Aluminum portepee 42 cm or 16,5”). The chain hanger of the dagger exist also in two type’s, type I and type II. The dagger can be found with a painted or anodized scabbard! On the painted scabbard is the center scabbard fitting hold by one screw, while the anodized one is hold by two screws!

I would recommend every collector to purchase the books from Thomas M Johnson and Thomas T Wittmann, because they are a must to have if you are looking for detailed information about the edged weapons of the Third Reich.

SS chained with type 2 chain SS chained with SS number on reverse crossguard.
SS chained with CB monogram